Three Best Things to Do In Sweden

Three Best Things to Do In Sweden

Up in the Northern lands of Europe once was a land filled with some of the fiercest warriors the world has ever known, the Vikings. And now, it’s home to some of the friendliest and most accommodating folk you’ll probably meet!

Sweden is a country that has consistently been at the top of happiness surveys, meaning it’s considered to be the happiest country to be in! And who wouldn’t want to visit that?

But if you still aren’t convinced, then we have this list just for you! So without further ado, here are the three best things to do in Sweden! 

Sleep in an Ice Hotel.

Have you ever thought about sleeping in an iced out room? No, right? Well, here in Sweden, you can do just that! It’s pretty crazy I know!

Every year, ice is carved from the River Tome in order to create these amazing and unique rooms that are just fully iced out. And if you think they’re gonna be difficult to sleep in, think again! Because thanks to Sweden’s cold weather, the ice will stay frosty, giving you a natural A/C with no charge at all!

It’s a once in a lifetime thing to do, and it’s only found here in Sweden! So make sure to try it out for yourself, trust me, it’ll be well worth the trouble! 

Ski through Old Military Tunnels. 

Skiing has never been more fun than doing so in Sweden. Because, here, you’ll be doing more than sliding down a mountain slope and instead will actually be able to go through tunnels that have been abandoned by the military themselves.

It’s a unique experience to have, even if you’ve been skiing all your life. By going to the small town of Gällö, you’ll be able to do just that with the longest ski tunnel in the world! And the place also offers cross country and biathlon practice for people who are more into that of course.

Swedes absolutely love to ski, and being in Sweden will make you fall in love with the sport itself. So if you’re looking for a thrilling new adventure in skiing, then skiing in Sweden is the best place to go! 

Have a sauna.

No trip to Sweden will ever be complete without taking a dip in a sauna. Although it is unbelievably cold, Sweden offers some of the best saunas in the world, and it’d be a shame to not try if you were around. 

There is no sauna in the world that’s as beautiful as Malmös Kallbadhuset. It’s a public bathhouse that includes a cafe. And by the public, we mean, yes, it’s open to everybody which means that you will have to get naked when in the sauna. The genders are separate, and after the sauna, you will want to head over to the sea as quickly as possible, which is why it’s such a great sauna to experience as well.


Sweden is a beautiful place that is unrivaled in many aspects. From sleeping in ice hotels, skiing through old military tunnels, and having fun in a sauna, Sweden has far outlived its old Viking age. So when you get the chance, come and see this beautiful country yourself, and experience what it feels like to live in the Northern Isles.